Monday, March 30, 2009

Perhaps the least effective mousetrap ever...or, the Anti-Mousetrap

I was on call last night. It was horrific. Serious trauma (patient and me). When I had a little time, I talked to B.B. Av and missed home and the cat.

I think I forgot to mention that we had mice a while ago, and one of the pushes to get the cat was the anti-mice, anti-snake properties.

He had tried to take the cat outside on a leash, which did not work, ("Oh, this cat is not going on no leash,") and resulted in another escape attempt. (The first one was my fault as I tried to let it get some fresh air in the garden.)

Av flipped out as he went over the back wall and went chasing him, to no avail. He thought I was going to be really upset that he lost the cat. I don't think it would really run away, though. It seems not to get far.

About five minutes later, the cat descended down the stairs (from above) very nonchalantly.

With a mousetrap on its foot.

* * *
It has also been de-wormed, has a mouth infection, stinks, and is very cuddly. When I took it to the vet I had to register it, so I put "Shunra" as its name, per B.B. Av's request. Good enough.


Sara said...

Oh yeah, other suggestions included Cartman (B.B. Av) and "Oznayim" ("Ears" in Hebrew) by Mom. Shunar is "cat" in Aramaic, and Shunra is "The Cat." Most famous because he appears in a Passover song.

Sara said...

Oh yeah, and we also tossed around "Shabtai" - after the planet, not the false messiah. "Shabby" for short, possibly also cute because it sounds a little like "Shablool" (snail).

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh, a laugh-out-loud story! I needed one of these. It sounds as though Shunra is keeping you loved and entertained, so this is a good thing. Terribly sorry to hear about the trauma, however; there's nothing I can say that isn't somehow empty, except that whenever you comment on my blog I know that your thoughts come from having such experiences, and it is a comfort and privilege to hear from you.

tracy said...

Hey, Sara, hope you're okay. Has kitty had a bath yet? (you mentioned she stinks) and also had flea meds? She looks like a pretty little thing and would be much more fun to cuddle with if she smelled better!
Much love,