Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cat goes out for the first time

Today we took the cat out for a little bit. He wanted to really run around. We debated just letting him stay out. Instead, he was out for about an hour, around the house but not straying too far. He climbed really high in a tree and B.B. Av ran to get the camera. By then, he had fallen out. Took a big whack but was apparently ok. I was tempted to let him stay out, because he's going nuts in here and tearing up the house. I was also impressed at his skills, I thought he was kind of lame and would get eaten up out in the big world. But once out there, he climbed and fell like a champ, and had a totally different look on his face - was wild again, and not the little cuddly thing that has been rolling around here.

But after this week, which has been hard for so many reasons (young death in the ER on call, huge interpersonal blowup which still has me hurting), I just really didn't want this stupid little cat to run away. So finally I grabbed him and brought him inside. He was angry, and for the first time, really scratched me on the neck. I forgive him, of course, and now he is curled up on my lap licking himself. Such is love. I wish I could love more than a cat, but it's just too hard anymore.

Here are a few shots.
After the fall, wandering around (the chicken is gone, by the way)

He looks wonderfully wild here.

Tempting him to be recaptured and redomesticated.

And after the great adventure, he finally was calm.

And the face he makes sort of reminds me of this:


Dr. RB said...

Well said, soul sister. I think we have already lost our innocence though and we will never get it back.

Sara said...

Sometimes people say that at the end of training, it comes back.

I loved your masturbating dwarf post, by the way.

Rach said...

I had to chuckle when you mentioned the kindergarten mentality of the psych ward. I once picked up an anorexic patient from Ma'azra with shortness of breath and took him to the local ER... I could have sworn there was a 25 minute debate about whether he actually HAD to go Emerg, when the dude's O2 levels were maybe 84 or 86% on room air and he was sitting there puffing a smoke, and the whole time the nurse was like "shmulik, you know, you should go" and the patient said... but it's better here", and my driver was like "NU! Stop wasting my fucking time already!" Typical ma'zra.

S. said...

I wish I had something intelligent and deep to tell you, but you're much more experienced than I am and I'm afraid I can't understand it all fully (and never will, seeing how I quit before that point). All I have to say is what you already know, which is that you should trust your instincts and follow them. We've only got this life and we can't waste it doing something we don't enjoy.

Serena said...

sometimes, at the end of a long crappy call, all I want to do is go home and play with my cats. There is something so pure about hanging out with animals that it can make the rest of my shitty, death ridden life disappear.