Friday, April 17, 2009

Your Daily Cute

Ok, fuck it, I'm the cat lady.

Today somebody STANK...and B.B. Av started having it was BATH TIME. Here's a photo documentary.

We both are resting peacefully, when B.B. Av wakes us up to announce bath time.
Right after that, the cat did a huge boogery sneeze on my face.

Someone is captured, and soaped down with a wet washcloth. We decided to try that technique rather than wetting him down first.

He starts to suspect that something is up.

He is tossed into the tub in an attempt to rinse. Note my sleeve.
He actually doesn't mind the water as much as being held down. He even seemed to enjoy a hot spray. But he hated the whole process.

Wet cat is hilarious.

Ok little guy, your escape worked. He actually flew out of the tub over my shoulder. I think in this picture you can see some of the scratches on my arms.

Trying to flee with dignity.

My forearms now look like those of a Parkinsonian suicide attempter, but the cat is clean and de-eye boogered. And then I found an old mildewy towel lying around which actually was the cause of a lot of the stink we were blaming on the cat.

I guess he wasn't too mad, because after that, he tried to save our lives. He was walking around and suddenly comes over to me and starts chirping - this weird sound, won't leave me alone, wants attention, but not to be petted. Really trying to get my attention for no clear reason. So I follow him - and he's trying to show me that there are burning candles on the table!

I guess whatever supernatural powers cats have shouldn't be dependent on intelligence.


XE said...

Love the pictures.

"My forearms now look like those of a Parkinsonian suicide attempter" is my new favourite expression of all time.

Jason said...

ahhhhrgh, that's what i was going to say. great wordage sara!

tracy said...

Is "pet still pleasant"? :) Love wet cats...too funny!

Serena said...

pittypat turns into a demon when I try to wash her.

Anonymous said...

Two easy steps for cat bath (after you have corralled cat in the bathroom with the door shut)

1) Holding cat in your lap while perched on the edge of the tub, squeeze a tbsp of tearless baby shampoo into the bottom of a64 oz movie theater plastic cup. Fill with warmer than average water (as cats have a higher body temp than we do).

2) Dump the warm sudsy water over kitty from shoulders to tail. While scruffing kitty securely against the tub floor at this stage, use your free hand to scrub the soap into every part of the cat.

Most of the fight will go out of the cat when s/he is already covered in warm soapy water, so s/he will more than likely stop fighting and take to moaning piteously for you to save him/her and gladly accept a nice warm finishing rinse with multiple cupfuls of warm water.

Since I began doing this with my kitty, baths are far less stressful (for both of us!) and over in 5 or so minutes, depending how fast I can get her rinsed off :)