Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not much of an update

But things should start happening soon. B.B. Av is in Paris, coming back at 4:30 tomorrow morning, and going to work after that! My mom is arriving the day after.

We actually had more excitement as mentioned in the last post with Namerovsky and the car. On the night Av left for Paris, we tried to watch the season end of Battlestar Galactica but didn't realize it ran over an hour, not 45 minutes. It was pushing the departure time even with the 45 minutes. Finally, we realized we couldn't finish, and raced up to the car with B.B. Av starting to flip out about missing his flight.

And then it started. Namerovsky jumped up onto the hood. Then he disappeared. Before starting the car, I went to look underneath, and he had wedged himself under a tire on the passenger side. B.B. Av opened the door and tried banging on the car to get him out. In the process he bruised his hand, which began to swell and made him panic that he would miss his flight for emergency x-rays.

Namerovsky took that opportunity to jump into the car. I said, "Fuck it, let's just take him to the airport." But we didn't have any way to carry him or restrain him, so we wanted him out. (In retrospect, he could have just stayed in the car while we went in.) Finally, B.B. Av managed to grab him and drag him to the other side of the street and set him down. I started the car, of course, he went and sat right in the middle of the road making sad eyes. I think he must have seen this lying around:

We finally got off, with one sad little face watching us go, B.B. Av applying pressure to his rapidly swelling hand and to his massive pangs of guilt for being angry with the Namer.

Of course, the Namer lives like a king when B.B. Av is gone, taking his bed spot, sofa spot, getting all my attention as I turn into the crazy cat lady. Right now he's sleeping on my lap, which effectively put an end to me getting up from the computer and doing anything today (like cleaning before Mom gets here).

I also noticed how big he's gotten - he was supposedly mature when we got him, but once he got the better food and more stable life, he really has grown and filled out. Wish we'd weighed him. When I look at older pictures, I see how scrawny and puberty-awkward he really was.

I just can't believe how much I've fallen for a ridiculous little animal.

Nems sleeping on my thesis shit.

Nems faceplant sleeping in B.B. Av's spot.

And yes, I will have to get a job someday soon...and hopefully have more interesting news than cat growth.


gabbiana said...


I almost ended up with a cat the other day; I opened my door at, like, 5:30 AM, and he was on the porch, whining and trying to come inside. But he had a collar on, so I assumed he belonged to one of the neighbors and was just... extra-confused. He looked like Namer.

Your thesis stuff appears to be in English. English or Hebrew? How does it go for Israeli medicine publications, anyway?

Sara said...

There's only one big-ish medical publication in Hebrew...the others are all in English, or some small niche ones in Hebrew. Most of what is published goes abroad anyway. My thesis is in English (though you can do them in Hebrew) because no one involved (me, advisor - he's French, other researcher - she's from NY) are native Hebrew speakers.

Dragonfly said...

Still loving the cat stories. Hope you are enjoying life...

XE said...

Wow, that website Namer is on -- it's like Facebook for cats! Crazy.

I can't read the thesis stuff, what are you writing about?

tracy said...

i love it...all. The cat in Paris is purrfect....really brightened my....week. and i loves the Namer stories, especially the "face plant". Have fun with mom...wish i could be there! Anyone who goes to "Burning Man" just has to be a riot! :)