Thursday, September 17, 2009

Someone did not want to be left behind

It was sad, actually. He kept doing this, even after it was packed, and then kept sleeping in there during the two days after it was packed.

Now he is staying at the Cat Hotel (yes, I know). It was sad to leave him there this afternoon, and I felt guilty that he's in there with another cat poking his bed box and having to eat out of a bucket of gross shared food. (The Cat Lady: "I've never seen a cat go straight for the food like that." Me: vaguely embarrassed about my cat's garbage-eatin' soul.) It's sad now that he's not here tonight, especially since they put my flight back four hours so I could have taken him in the morning. I hope he's ok there and doesn't go on a hunger strike or anything. I can't believe I've gotten so soft about a stupid little cat.

Also, in the spirit of me finding weird ass shit on the camera when I go to download pictures, here's another one. I have no idea what was going on here; I was asleep.

Not sure if I will be posting over the next week, but hopefully I'll have a nice time. I'm outta here.

And, for the dedicated:


Rach said...

I TOTALLY want to be a Menahelet at a Hotel Chatoolim!
... I can talk hebrew to the cats and EVERYTHING!

Shana Tova - have an awesome trip :)

Dragonfly said...

Have an awesome time!

gabbiana said...

Well, at least I understood "Khatul." And, uh, "pension."

Have fun! Where are you?

gabbiana said...

Well, at least I understood "Khatul." And, uh, "pension."

Have fun! Where are you?

The Girl said...

Have a good time. :)

I'm sure your kitty will be fine. It is amazing how much we miss them. When mine figured out that I was leaving again so soon after a flying visit home, they wouldn't let me out of their sights, and then they camped out on my luggage. Cats are beautiful. :)

Gracecat said...

Well, the pensionaire loolks like a kind soul, and seems to genuinely care for the cats (at least while on camera)... and they all had their own bowls... it looks like a good place for Nemer to be....