Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Namerovsky has a friend

She's been around since he got here almost, and they seem to be friends. I can't tell if she's a stray or not; she looks like she is in pretty good shape, also has a ticked ear, but she's hungry whenever she's around.

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It is very cute that Namerovsky tries to invite her inside, but she's shy. I've caught her inside a few times, eating his food, but she runs away immediately. If we give her a full meal, Nems doesn't quite get it, and tries to jump on her and play while she's eating, and then she growls.

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Other times, she'll stand at the window and yowl for him to come out. If the window is closed, they will "chat" under the door crack.

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A few times, we have gone out and thrown cat treats. She'll come pretty close, but not to where she can be touched. You can't see in these pictures, but she has dilute tortie coloring and a sweet little face.

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Bella said...

Cute pictures. Aren't you worried about Nems contracting diseases or illnesses from the stray cat? e.g. leukemia or aids.

Sara said...

Yes, very, but I don't think there's much to be done. I hope he doesn't fight, and he doesn't seem to contact the others physically very much. There's one mean stray that I really don't like having around - it has come into the house and shat everywhere, and is mean. It fought with Nems when it got in the house. I'm afraid it will scratch or bite or something. But I don't see a solution that wouldn't make him miserable (ie cutting off all contact and making him stay in).

If I think another cat has been in and touched his bowls, I wash with bleach. The leukemia vaccine is not available here.

tracy said...

Eeeeew, what are those things on the ground?
They look like big slugs or something!

sara said...

No, no, they are just withered fallen leaves from the olive tree.