Sunday, January 24, 2010

Operation: Hailstorm

Namerovsky was going nuts in the house today, so we finally let him out, despite the very cold temperature (4 C).

Then it started raining and hailing, loud. The poor guy was terrified and just hid under the stairs, too scared to move. It's just about ten paces from there to the door, but no coaxing could get him to come into the house. Not even waving the cat Doritos.

I probably should have just left him there until it ended, but I felt sad for him freezing out there. So I got the umbrella and headed out.

The Rescue
He's the little tabby and white blob in the tiny corner of the stairs behind the olive branches.

But he was still too scared to even come over to me and it was too small for me to get down there.

So I went back in the house to bring the cat Doritos under the eave.

The Rescue
That did it. He came over, still under the stairs, and...

The Rescue

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