Friday, March 26, 2010

Nems goes on strike

I think I've mentioned that Namerovsky gets the ridiculous expensive organic free range chicken/wild trout Canadian cat food.

Hecate and Sherman (not sure if I've pictured him) have become constant outside cats, so I broke down and bought a really big cheap bag of cat food to feed them.

Nems went apeshit. When they delivered this 20 kg bag, he almost took down the cat food guy. The bag is sitting in the kitchen because it's too big for me to move and Nems climbs it, tries to tear it open, and pulls the clip off to stick his head in and eat right out of the thing.

I put the good food in his dish, but he's having none of it. I've tricked him a couple of times by putting a few pieces of the crappy food in with the other food and he eats only the crappy food.

Today I came home from work and B.B. Av informed me that he spent all day bargaining with Namerovsky over the crappy cat food. Trying to trick him that he is filling his dish from that bag. No good. He said Namerovsky stood by the huge bag and cried all day.

Just now, he found him pointedly licking the outdoor cat bowl for crumbs of the crappy cat food, while his dish is full.

What the hell do they put in there with the chicken assholes?

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Bella said...

Have you tried adding some fish oil to his Acana (?) food and seeing if he'll like it better? It stinks to us, but apparently they love it. Just a suggestion. :)