Sunday, March 27, 2011

What the hell, Nems?

Last night we're sitting on the sofa, and B.B. Av says, "Hey, where's his other fang?" He usually has this real cute overbite with two fangs hanging out.

Sure enough - there's a big chip off the end of his top fang.

He's going to the vet tomorrow, it's a whole deal. But it's getting ridiculous - his latest vet visits:

- Hit by car (?)

- Smoke inhalation (there was a huge wildfire by the house and we all got smoke inhalation a few months ago)

- Broken fang

The thing is, how did he even do this? He was in the house alone all day and we came back and found the broken fang.

The camera battery is charging but you'll get a picture soon.


The Girl said...

Poor kitten! Good luck with the vets. Ours always seem to run in cycles, too.

Lisa said...

Poor bubba. Hope his appointment went okay!