Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Cute

The name that seems to be sticking more than anything is "Namerovsky" - Namer being "tiger" in Hebrew. The more poetic names didn't seem to fit such a clown.

Anyway, he's been going outside (but he has to come back when he wants to take a shit to use the box - the cat is spoiled), and I let him out this morning. For the first time, I can't find him around the house somewhere and he didn't come when I called for the Namer. I'm terrified he might have run away, though I doubt it. B.B. Av gave him a good talking to before we let him go out. (With tears in his eyes: "I love you, Kitty, and I will be me'od sad if you go away. So if you go away, goodbye and it was nice knowing you. But if you are not back in a week, we just go get a new cat and give him your food and bed! So don't run away, ok?") He's probably in the neighbor's house sleeping. But still, I worry. So to alleviate the worry, I'm blogging:

The other day, he was walking around with a full roll of toilet paper in his mouth. I had no idea why or where he was going with it. Now I know he uses it as a pillow.

Toy mouse is pretty fun.

But not as fun as mouse on a stick. I'm not sure which of them is having more fun.

The other night, B.B. Av couldn't find the cat. Then, he saw his Vietnamese hat creeping around on the shelf.

My favorite cat activity.


gabbiana said...

I hope the cat has come back by now. Also, awwwwww.

Sara said...

Of course he came back after an hour or two...and B.B. Av panicking and almost leaving work to go look for him...

S. said...

I think I like that name. Also, it seems that he knows where the bacon and the TP pillow are, so I doubt he'll be running away any time soon.

tracy said...

Love the toilet paper thing. i imagine you wish you had caught that one on film...or whatever fancy cameras do now!

Serena said...

snuggly cats are better than boyfriends.