Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Namerovsky's Day Out

Today Namerovsky was supposed to go for a rabies shot. We set out at 3 PM and he had quite the adventure, including a car accident.

First, he had to stop what he was doing (chasing the dog) and be rounded up into his box to head out on the road. He was not pleased.

On the way, we were driving through the industrial zone of Talpiyot, and wham! a car smashed into us from behind! It was a police car. It looked like no damage was done, so Sara didn't take the guy's details, though he offered. Later, she noticed that the bumper was out of place. Doh! At least no one was hurt, and Sara is not one of those weenies who goes to the ER to bitch about her terrible whiplash pain.

Namerovsky arrives at the vet. He is more displeased, though he was great in the car, not at all upset by the accident. He got a rabies shot and got registered with the city, which I didn't photograph because I was too busy holding him down. The vet confirmed that, as suspected, he has pinkeye. No kindergarten for him!

Also, the people at the vet loved the name Shunra, which was listed in the computer. Oops, sorry Namerovsky.

Get back in the car, Namer!

Yes, you.

Namerovsky then got taken to Kiryat Yovel for some errands. If you look in the back, you notice the hole-in-the-wall pet shop, Melech HaChayot (they don't seem to have a website, but they are on Facebook), which comes highly recommended for knowledgeable and friendly staff. Namerovsky hung out with them for a while. He got some food and treats. Sara went and sent off her medical license application and stopped by the pharmacy while he hung out.

I really should have photographed the car's bumper to make this essay complete.

Then we came home. Namerovsky got some treats for being so good. Sara had a cold Coca-Cola.

And when I downloaded the pictures, I found this - it was a picture of B.B. Av giving Namerovsky the talking-to listed in the last post, telling him to please not run away. Sweet, no?

I am afraid I am going to be one of those ridiculous people and get a pet bag to carry the Namer around in. Everyone out loved him and he had a blast even with the rabies shot. It makes errands much nicer to bring a namer buddy with you. The crate is heavy...but if I had one of those pet bag carriers...

Namerovsky's next adventure: Toilet training.


Milk and Two Sugars said...

Much as I love this - who wrote it??

Turboglacier said...

He is awfully cute.

When you say "toilet", do you mean "toilet", or "litter box"? I have some experience with the former... not 100% successful, but an interesting behavioral experiment.

Sara said...

I wrote it, no idea why I suddenly switched to the third person, except that I was just documenting.

And I mean "toilet" - litter box he was fine, he had one accident the very first time he got home and didn't know where the box was, but since then has been perfect. I want him to use the toilet. Lately, he has been very toilet curious - looking in it, trying to figure out what it does, walking around the edge.

So I put a bowl with litter in it and showed him. He didn't seem immediately anti. And this morning, I see that he at least dug around in the litter in the toilet, not sure if he actually did anything. Now that I'm unemployed, I figured this is as good a time as any to start. I'm around to encourage and praise him.

What did you do? Why didn't it work? Was it with an older cat? What happened?

I'm glad he's so stupid, because it keeps him from being stubborn like some cats...he'll try anything.

Today on my to-do list is to write a nice thank you to the Jerusalem SPCA that they gave me the best cat in the world!

gabbiana said...

Awww. Extra points if you start taking the cat on regular outings, like a purse-dog, but better.

(Can the cat walk on a leash? That'd be awesome.)

And google is fantastic, and directs me here, here, and

Serena said...

um, brad bought one of those toilet contraptions for traing kittywum. I told him it's hopeless.

Serena said...

you know, you might consider getting another cat in a few months. you know, Namerovsky can have some company. :):)

Sara said...

1. today he pissed AND shat in the toilet.

2. there is a five year old girl siamese up for grabs right now, someone is moving and giving her away, and I'm soooooooo tempted. Av and I really fell in love with Siamese/Balinese types.

Dragonfly said...

You should so get a second cat.
And then take em both to kitty/human spa days in those pet bag carrier things...

tracy said...

i loved it, the story and photos. At first, i thought maybe B.B.Av (by the way, what is his full name, if he'll let you tell), wrote it. Is that an elliptical i see in the background? Lucky!!!!

Sara said...

His full name is, of course, Avi...or Av.

And yeah, it's an elliptical. Gyms here start at at least $75 a month and there isn't one that close, and it was on sale once as a floor display for I think about $200 or $225 so we got it - it was a great decision, because it's much cheaper than a gym, anyone can use it, and you can watch your own TV while doing it. It's so much easier to exercise when it's right there!

gabbiana said...

O my god, the cat shits in the toilet?

Sara, you may have gotten like a 290 on your boards but seriously now I *know* you're a genius.