Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A game of stickmouse

Last night we had a good game of Stick Mouse, and broke a plant. Then we played foil ball, and broke a lamp and some knickknacks. At that point, we decided we needed a calmer game, and decided to play "Box" - in which Namerovsky sits in a box and pokes his head down to hide, then pops up.

Sorry about the pictures. After B.B. Av broke my camera, his parents got him the most expensive, crappiest camera in Europe. It cannot take a good picture, it is ALWAYS too dark, it flashes about five times before taking the picture so everyone ends up squinting, and it has a tremendous lag between the shutter and the picture, so when you snap it, by the time it actually takes the picture, your subject has aged, not to mention moved on to doing something else.

But it's the only working camera around here.

The tiger lurks in his cave. What is he waiting for?

It's the game of Stickmouse! The one that broke the plant in the background. In retrospect, that was fairly predictable.

Ok, everyone, calm down, let's play Box.

Namerovsky didn't care for me reading in bed, mostly because it didn't involve him. He was not subtle. I was reading peacefully, until I saw some eyes appear over the top of my book.

And after only three months, he has perfected the sneer of disdain that is so necessary for living with me.


tracy said...

The book and the Namerosky story sound great....the rest...damn it all!!!!!!!! Will be in "Zi-on" for a few days...will e-mail you (and hopefully more from there)

Shannon said...

She's one of my absolute heros - have you seen her on Bill Maher? Just brilliant.

Sara said...

No, I've never seen her anywhere, the book was the first thing I read about her.

Long time no see - what's up?

Now I'm gonna look for her on youtube.

S. said...

The "sneer of disdain" is just perfect. And that book sounds interesting, it's going on my list!

BeadedTail said...

Sorry the trip didn't work out this time. The book sounds very interesting, even if it put Namerovksy to sleep!

tracy said...

Can't get in my e-mail here in the great Zi-on of S. Utah and wanted to say Hello and HELP.....!!!!! Kidding...sort of...;0