Friday, November 27, 2009

Namerovsky's Market Share


Eats: Acana cat food, dry. It's got the three flavors, which is why I picked it. He hates anything fishy, so he really will just have two options. It just seemed so boring to never change. Right now he has the chicken, next time he'll get the lamb. And yes, I am aware that this is better food than I eat.

Before that, he got Nutrisource. He doesn't love either of them, saving his love for Friskies and other junk food.

There's no good wet food here, so sometimes he gets a can of Friskies or Whiskas, and very rarely one of those little Fancy Feasts.

Nevertheless, his absolute favorite food is garbage.

Dinnerware: Stainless steel bowls.

Litter: Crystals. I think it's least stinky, well, next to clay, but it's less gross to clean up, and seems to last longer. I also tried those pine pellets, and they were ok, so we may alternate with those.

Plays with: mouse on stick and little fish with bell on stick. When he first came, he liked to chase balls around but has somewhat lost interest. He's a lazy player, often opting to lie down and just swat at the thing when it swings above him. He also loves boxes, but hates anything bought especially for him.

Sleeps: he has the bed I made that was a few posts ago, a purchased cup bed for winter warmth, and he really only sleeps in his chair, the sofa, or our bed.

Is de-flead with: Alternating Advantage and Revolution, my impression is that the Revolution works a little better, at least here.

Wears: Currently a Lazer Brite blue fish collar with a keychain-turned-tag. I like it, but he will probably lose it soon as he goes through collars quite rapidly. That's why he doesn't get the engraved tags. The keychain tag is huge and makes noise on the food bowl. I feel sorry for making him go around so ridiculous...but he is...see title.

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