Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hope the neighbors don't see this

The neighbors who share our yard have a toddler. They leave these quasi-educational toys on the lawn, the little baby tables with things that spin and buttons and beads.

I caught Namerovsky up on two paws, totally intent, whacking away at the thing.

Your educational toys: good for brain stimulation in cats and your baby.

I hope they don't catch him at it, but I did find it hilarious.


LittleVet said...

My colleague told me that since she moved house one of her naughty ginger cats was seen proudly strolling up the middle of the road with a koi carp from three doors down, meanwhile the other brought home a blue budgie (from an unknown location). At least educational toys are probably a little more robust!

tracy said...

This would have made the BEST photo ever...damn!

tracy said...

Little Vet Love your story! Thanks!

Sara said...

That is a good story.

I didn't try to photograph it because it was like the time he was in that Corvette convertible, I just wanted him to stop before someone saw it. It was pretty hilarious though.