Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two Namerovsky Anecdotes

Namerovsky is now on limited entry - he has to pass a security check before he comes in the house. That's after the two lizards and last night a bug the size of my palm. He has to open his mouth for inspection before admission. I've been calling him "Lizard Breath."

He is supposed to keep down the bugs, but he brings them inside. The lizards are gross. He brings them in, bats them around, and then eats them whole.

The neighbors also informed me of something he has been up to. I have a folding laundry rack that I use to dry laundry in the sun because, well, it's hotter than the inside of a dryer here. My neighbor caught Namerovsky knocking it over so he could lay in the clean laundry on the patio. I thought it was just blowing over.

She also tried to shoo him off and pick it up but she said he just looked at her with great offense that someone might try to make him move off laundry from his house.

1 comment:

Bella said...

That is so funny. Nems is very smart!

Can't say I envy you with the bugs and lizards he brings in, although I'm pretty sure he means it as a sign of trust & affection towards you... :)