Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Other Brain

While my brain gets plenty of admiration around here, we often forget that B.B. Av is also possessed of a not-inconsequential brain himself. He beats me and even my mother at Scrabble in English (English is his third language).

Yesterday he did the GMAT. I looked over his study questions and they were HARD - things like when to use "like" versus "as." (There is a difference.)

Unlike the USMLE, they get their scores on site, right at the end of the test.

He got 730.

He is the Brain.

He came home justifiably excited. He bent his head down to me. "Touch the brain. Feel it."

Congratulations to B.B. Av. This makes things interesting, because he was just going to go to a business/technology program at the Technion, but now he is competitive for big name schools.

I'll pass on any nice words, either by email or as a comment. He is, indeed, the Brain.

* * *
In case you aren't sick of it yet, here's the latest Namerovsky:
Sleeping peacefully where he knows he isn't supposed to, when we remember that before bed, it's time for eye cream.

The cream approaches, and he reacts by slamming his eyes shut. Reasonable.

The battle, involving much head pulling. I'd do the same if someone was poking me in the eye.

After defeat.


tracy said...

I love the pictures...both of you look suitably adorable!

Many congrats to B.B.Av, hey, "Can i touch it? Can i feel it???"

The BRAIN, silly!

XE said...

OMG, a 730! That's good enough to get into Harvard! Tell him congrats.

Rach said...

Gah - I didn't call you when I was there. Double gah.
I guess I have to come back to the aretz now.

Dragonfly said...

Congrats to The Brain. Hope Namer is getting better.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Ha! Not sick of pictures at all. And sincere congratulations to B.B.Av for being a real smarty. Sounds like there's potential for big change in your future.

S. said...

Congrats, B.B.Av!

followtheboat said...

Loving this stuff. Added to our blogroll, ma'am!