Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nudist Cat

Namerovsky keeps coming back from the great outdoors without collars. Today he lost his fluorescent one, which was also his last one. This time he only screwed himself because now he's stuck inside until I can get another. He is, apparently, a nudist. Fits right in around here.


tracy said...

Ha, ha, "Nudist Namer"

tracy said...

How's the sewing going? The patterns look lovely for the dress and tunic. There is a very large East Indian population here and i love seeing the Indian ladies in their saris and tunics....gotta find me a tunic! And learn how to sew....what, with my patience for that type of activity would be a miracle!

tracy said...

Yay, dresses, i noticed the "Fish Dress" in the new Namerosky photos...nice. The "Goldfish" dress...always makes me think of the a good way...!