Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Namerovsky Update

Just skip it if you aren't into the cat thing.

Namerovsky is starting to show more personality. Yes, that's possible. I'm starting to realize how much he was in shock when he first got here; all that clinging behavior was just fear. He's much more independent now. After something upsets or scares him, he goes back to being something close to a "lap cat" (I never was quite sure what that means, I'd like to know actually), but now usually prefers to be around, but not sticking to me.

Since the car accident, he has had several other adventures, not all photographed. He has:

* Fallen onto a cactus
* Got a cut on his nose, which we assumed was a fight, but turned out to be something else entirely
* Brought me a present tonight
* Had a party. One night I came home really late, and didn't think he'd be around. He had realized the entertainment venue potential of the Mishkan garden, and had many cats over. I broke up the party and he had to come home.
* Played with some neighbor kittens and their mom, while pretending not to know me.

Without further ado:

Toilet training device under investigation:

And after:
(Yes, he has the entire half-bath to himself lately.)

Then, B.B. Av brought me a gift in a bag after grocery shopping:

It's a cat!

Namerovsky is a bad-ass who gets into fights. Note the cut on his nose (you might have to open the picture separately). There was another one in the middle of the nose:
Later, I found tiny nose-shaped bloody prints on the sides of the tub. I think he was investigating and poked my razor with his nose.

Tonight, he brought me a gift for the very first time:
It was a giant bug.


XE said...

Love the cat stories, thanks for the update! The picture of you and Namer in the bag is particularly cute.

Rach said...

Is he chasing a cockroach? That is SO israeli.

Sara said...

It was a big beetle actually. There aren't as many cockroaches in Jerusalem.

I woke him up last night to deal with a scary spider.

tracy said...

These are w o n d e r f u l !! i <3 the one of you opening your "present" from B.B.Av-honestly priceless!

Thanks sooo much for cheering up my day1

Rach said...

Seriously? Not so many jukim in Jeru?
Ugh. I hate jukim.

PS - hebrew technical question for you - is juke the term for cockroaches or all obnoxious bugs in general?

Sara said...

Juk is just those roaches. But it isn't really the Hebrew word, which is "makak" - I think it's Russian...

Sara said...

Now I had to look it up. Apparently the word "juk" has quite the history:

Serena said...

did he eat the beetle or the spider? cause pitty pat is really into eating spiders.

Sara said...

Sometimes he eats the bugs. The beetle was a little too crunchy I think, I got tired of watching it and swept it out the door. The spider he just swatted once and killed this time. He eats the huge ants. I'm always a little afraid he's gonna eat something poisonous like a scorpion sometime.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh, I love these Namerovsky posts, they make me laugh! You look beautiful in that dress, by the way.

sara said...

Thanks for the dress comment. I have some fabric and was thinking of making it again, versus something else. Now, I think I will make another one.

And put more Namerovsky stories.

Dragonfly said...

Am loving the cat thing. The dress is awesome too btw.